About Us


Welcome to Christ the King's Religious Education (CTKRE) Program. Our program is an integral part of our Parish life. While we customarily offer programs for children from 3 years old to Grade 8, current health restrictions have forced us to suspend Faith Formation for the youngest children, our 3 year olds, Pre-K and Kindergarten students. When things return to pre-Covid19 "normalcy," we will look at restarting the program for the little ones. At every age, we invite our students to deepen their faith life and to grow in their relationship with Jesus.


Philosophy of Christ the King Religious Education

Pope Paul VI once said that the church doesn't have a mission, it is a mission. Christ the King believes that Religious Education is sharing in Jesus' own mission. Our call to the Church's mission is threefold: WORD, WORSHIP and SERVICE. In light of this mission, we invite all children/youth to come and live out this mission by breaking open the WORD(Scripture) and living the Good News of Jesus Christ. We carry out our mission of WORSHIP by providing liturgies and communal prayer opportunities leading the children/youth to a deeper understanding and appreciation of Eucharist. From understanding the Word and Eucharist, children/youth are led to and provided opportunities of SERVICE to one another and the Church.


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